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Episode 25: Shore Leave at Last Part 2

It's time to kick back, relax, get some rest, investigate some troublemakers, and unravel a mystery. Except for the surprise waiting in the stations cargo bay!


Craig Blackwood - @vkmSpouge

Cato Prowse -  @catoakacato

Laurent Tirta - @pablackhawk_


Az Hann - @captain_tiny

Laurent Tirta

Executive Producer:

Mitch Campbell - @kungfupanzer

Links and Show Notes:

Gritas - the Yridian arms dealer

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Matt Colville - Running the Game

Teemu Selanne

Dawn French

The ‘37s” - VOY episode where Amelia Earhart, among others, is discovered in the Delta Quadrant

Trials and Tribble-ations” - The famous DS9 episode where they travel back to the time of the Enterprise 1701

TR-116 rifle - Used in the DS9 episode “Field of Fire

Corpsmen - US Navy medical personnel, usually attached to the US Marine Corps