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Episode 29: Mad Woman in a Box

This week we’re dealing with all sorts of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff as the Sally Ride crew is visited by a blue Police callbox! Join us for this special Shield of Tomorrow/Eric’s TBD RPG crossover!


Craig Blackwood - @vkmSpouge

Cato Prowse -  @catoakacato

Laurent Tirta - @pablackhawk_

KC Colman - @DJPheonyx


Laurent Tirta

Executive Producer:

Mitch Campbell - @kungfupanzer


Links and Show Notes:

Doctor Who

The Master -  former friend, usual enemy and current companion of the Doctor. Timelord. Portrayed by Taliesin Jaffe

The Corsair - Timelord friend of the Doctor, last seen in Eric’s TBDRPG initiating a personal time paradox and thought dead. Portrayed by Jody Houser

The Doctor - Timelord known for exploring and her love of befriending humans. Portrayed by Amy Dallen

Captain Finn - human from the Golden Age of Earth Piracy, has a cybernetic enhancement on one arm. Portrayed by Gina DeVivo

Rokokokoko - Ovakali archeologist - lizard-plant hybrid creature with huge psychic potential. Portrayed by Sam De Leve

Velig - Sontaran Librarian, last seen dead after a last stand against an enemy. Portrayed by Darin De Paul

The Christmas Invasion - 10th Doctor episode of Doctor Who with references to tea