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Episode 38: Preserved Ex Situ

And now for something completely different! This week we join almost all of our guest stars and Eric as a player as Sam takes the GM seat


Az Hann - @captain_tiny

Craig Blackwood - @vkmSpouge

Cato Prowse -  @catoakacato

Laurent Tirta - @pablackhawk_

KC Colman - @DJPheonyx

Mitch Campbell - @kungfupanzer


Laurent Tirta

Patreon Associate Producers:

Patch Perryman - @Patch_Adam

Links and Show Notes:

B Dave Walters - Forkin Kunert

Xander Jeanneret - Tristan Peylore

Bryan Forrest - K’Ven

Carrier - PBS mini-series following a deployment of the USS Nimitz during Operation Iraqi Freedom

Jackson Lanzing - Kaetan Ziid

Josephine McAdam - L McQueen

Jason Charles Miller - K’Dok