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Episode 8: Time Waits For No One

The crew takes on the cold, zombies,  and tangles with the Klingon Empire in this two-parter with Xander Jeanneret, the other half of the Library Bards.


Craig Blackwood - @vkmSpouge

Cato Prowse -  @catoakacato

Laurent Tirta - @pablackhawk_

KC Colman - @DJPheonyx


Laurent Tirta

Executive Producer:

Mitch Campbell - @kungfupanzer

Links and Show Notes

Xander Jeanneret - @Xanderrific and the Library Bards

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva - aka the disease that Sam mentioned and Amy remembered almost word for word

LT Hawk - Character played in Neal McDonough in Star Trek: First Contact, and was rumored to be Star Trek’s first openly gay character

B’rel class Bird of Prey - Klingon scout ships that stalked the Sally Ride and decloaked off their bow

Infinite Regress - the Star Trek: Voyager episode where Seven expresses multiple assimilated personalities due to a Borg equipment malfunction

Bones - Former Fox show about Forensic Anthropology

Instrument Flight Rules - When visibility is so low that pilots must rely fully on instruments