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Lieutenant Commander Rensha Brin: Az hann- host/Editor

TWITTER: @captain_tiny 

DISCORD: captaintiny

Az is an actor and scientist who has been watching Star Trek since before they could walk. They fell in love with space as a child, then realised how much maths it took to get anywhere near it and decided to study evo-devo instead. Is of the opinion that a cup of tea can solve any problem and on a mission to kiss the nose of every dog in the world.

Lieutenant Commander Jackson Houser: KC Colman - host


DISCORD: Pheonyx

As a veteran RPG gamer/GM for over 30 years, an online DJ for over 10 years, a long time online MMORPG player, and a fan of Star Trek almost his whole life, KC brings a lot of experience in both game mechanics and role-playing aspects to the discussion table

Doctor Raiparen Vird: Craig Blackwood - host

TWITTER: @vkmspouge


Is English and dislikes tea. Is a national disgrace. Also adores penguins

Commander Harmon Todd: Laurent Tirta - hosT/Producer/Editor

TWITTER: @pablackhawk_

DISCORD: pablackhawk

Laurent has loved Star Trek for as long as he can remember and has watched Geek & Sundry since its inception in 2012, as well as The Guild before that. His other interests include Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons, the Anaheim Ducks, hockey, podcasts, technology, video games, and music. Laurent has lived in Southern California all his life.

Captain Kaylen Sariv: Mitch campbell - Host/Editor

TWITTER: @kungfupanzer


2 parts nerd, 1 part GM, 1 part game designer and 1 part egotist, Mitch is an RPG Fan from Australia. When he's not GM-ing one of his several games he is watching and absorbing as much as he can. Mitch can provide insights into story design and implementing narrative into mechanics. You can also find Mitch's Dr Who RPG here

the Game Master: Cato KEEFE - host

TWITTER: @catoakacato


Cato is a grad-student who spends her time watching and playing RPGs when she should be studying. Thinks sci-fi is better than fantasy, but only if there's a ship.

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